Dr. Higdon’s Publications


Illustrated Anatomy of the Temporomandibular Joints in Function / Dysfunction (1st Ed.)

The original publication was in 1983. This small (10 pages) flip-book patient education aid with minimal text has been sold throughout the world. The original illustrations, done in conventional media and originally available as 35 mm slides, have been used by many dental educators. This small publication appeared shortly after William Farrar, in about 1979, brought to the attention of the dental profession the anatomical dysfunction of the temporomandibular joints that accounted for clicking, popping , and other problems of these joints. Prior to its publication, very little illustrative material was available to explain this phenomenon. This original publication is no longer available.


Illustrated Anatomy of the Temporomandibular Joints in Function / Dysfuncton (2nd Ed.)

In 2010 Dr. Higdon released the greatly-upgraded version of the original patient education aid. Now expanded to 22 large illustrations and an extensive text with over 40 thumbnail illustrations. All of the illustrations are now done using PhotoShop as an illustration medium.


This expanded publication has two purposes. The large illustrations are intended to be used as a patient education aid. But the extensive text and smaller supportive illustrations are intended to provide a basic understanding of TMJ anatomy for dentists and other health care providers, who usually have had little education regarding these important anatomical relationships.


More about this publication and how it can be ordered here


“Occlusion and Temporomandibular Disorders: Is There a Causal Relationship? A Critique of the Existing Scientific Literature”

Begun as a personal inquiry as to what the scientific literature actually had to say about the causal reltionship of Dental Occlusion and TMDs, this extensive research revealed some surprising things about the needs in Science to establish a causal relationship of any kind. Written nearly 10 years previously, due to its length, getting it published was difficult. Finally, in 2017, a respected online journal agreed to publish it. It can be seen and downloaded at EC Dental Science:  https://www.ecronicon.com/ecde/pdf/ECDE-14-00502.pdf


“Should I Do Routine Screening for TMDs on New Orthodontic Patients?”

In 2013 this short article appeared in OrthoTown (Farran Media).


Dental Sleep Practice Journal — Series of 4 Articles

In 2016 Dr. Higdon was asked to write a series of articles addressing the relationships and potential problems that dentists who practice “dental sleep medicine” might encounter related to temporomandibular disorders. These are as follows:


“Sleep Appliances and TMD: Are You Ready?”
Winter 2016


“TMDs: How Much Does a Sleep Dentist Need to Know?”
Spring 2017


“Screening Patients for TMDs in a Sleep-Oriented Dental Practice”
Fall 2017


An article that specifically addresses issues of TMJ anatomy and dysfunction will be published shortly and will be added to this list when it is available.


“Screening for TMDs — Every Dentist’s Responsibility”

This article has been submitted to Farran Media for consideration for publication. Thus far it has not been accepted. If and when it is, the issue and download information will be published here.


“Orthodontic Treatment Objectives in the Definitive Management of Temporomandibular Disorders”

This article has been submitted to Orthodontic Practice US for consideration for publication. Thus far it has not been accpeted. If and when it is, the issue and download information will be published here.